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Why should you pick MASX as your Carnival Concierge for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Nowadays, the tourism industry has developed so much that travel agencies and concierge services are becoming less and less popular every year. With all the information and travel tips that can be found on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and so on, literally everybody can plan any trip by themselves!

However, does it work when it comes to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival? Do you REALLY need a Carnival concierge service such as MASX? Let us prove to you why MASX should be your number one choice when planning your perfect Carnival adventure!  

So, what is a Carnival concierge company? Basically, it is a company whose main job is to help their clients by arranging accommodations, transportation, secure their Mas costumes as well as tickets to concerts and fetes for a fee. Moreover, the company members will keep assisting you during your whole Carnival trip to make sure that you get The Ultimate Xperience of a lifetime. 

1. Accommodations:

In one of our articles (How expensive is Trinidad Carnival?), we have already discussed that pretty much any type of accommodation in Trinidad during the Carnival season can be very overpriced. In addition, people usually start booking their hotels and Airbnbs as early as one year ahead, otherwise the prices can increase dramatically. 

With MASX, you don’t have to worry about your accommodations. We invite you to stay with us at Hilton Hotel, which is located super close to all the major Carnival events – right next to Queen’s Park Savannah! The amenities of the hotel include free buffet breakfast and Wi-Fi, gym, pool, 2 bars, admission to some exclusive Hilton Hotel fetes, and most importantly, stunning views of Port of Spain! 

All the rooms of Hilton Trinidad Hotel are usually sold out 8 months to a year before Carnival, but with MASX you always have a chance to secure a room for a reasonable price!  Also, keep in mind that MASX also has accommodations-only packages available for sale! 

2. Transportation:

It is almost impossible to find proper transportation during the Carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago, since all the Maxi Taxis are usually booked way in advance, and most of the taxi drivers prefer to enjoy Carnival just like you. Also, there is no Uber or Lyft in this country.

However, MASX has a solution! We have arranged a Party Bus Transportation with professional drivers to and from every single event! Moreover, all our three all-inclusive Carnival Packages include transportation to and from the airport. You can rest assure that you will reach any party on time with comfort and great entertainment by our MASX crew!  3. Playing Mas:

We don’t want to disappoint you, but accommodations and transportation are not the only two things that should be planned way in advance. Playing Mas is also included in this list. It is extremely hard to book a costume from popular bands like Tribe, Yuma,

Lost Tribe, Pure, Bliss, and many others, as their costumes are usually sold out months before Carnival starts.

BUT MASX is here to help you out! Our Play Mas Xperience package includes costume registration, costume pick-up, as well as makeup and hairstyling! All you need to do is to choose a costume of any band you like and provide us with your costume size and we will do the rest. ;)

By the way, if you’re not looking for an all-inclusive Carnival package, you can buy a Play Mas Xperience package only! 

4. Fetes Tickets:

As you have probably guessed already, tickets to fetes should also be booked in advance. Otherwise, you have a risk of paying 50% more from third-party sellers. 

One of the best examples is Soca Brainwash, one of the most in-demand all-inclusive fetes hosted by one of the most popular DJs in Trinidad – DJ Private Ryan. Tickets to Soca Brainwash are usually sold out in just a few hours. 

With MASX, you don’t need to worry about booking any tickets. We have most of the premium fetes already included in the price of our three all-inclusive packages. However, you also have the option to customize your package by deciding which fetes and activities YOU would love to attend! 

5. Additional Benefits

Apart from organizing transportation, accommodation, tickets and mas costumes for our clients, there are many more reasons of why you should choose MASX as your carnival concierge company! 

We are happy to provide each client with a Premium MASX Welcome package that includes all the Carnival essentials and more; professional security (where applicable); and assistance with any kind of questions related to your Carnival experience. Moreover, our three all-inclusive packages include a sightseeing tour of Port of Spain and an unforgettable trip to Tobago that includes a round-trip flight, a secured spot on the beach, food and drinks! 

To summarize everything that has been mentioned above, planning a trip to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is extremely hard. However, with MASX you don’t have to worry about anything! MASX is dedicated to becoming THE BEST in the industry and delivering The Ultimate Xperience of a lifetime to all our customers! 

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