The Xperience Package: Deposit

The Xperience Package: Deposit




Intended for the partier who desires a condensed version of "The Ultimate Xperience Package" and "The Superior Xperience Package". You will enjoy premium exposure to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival while staying at one of the best hotels and attending some of the best parties and major events of the Carnival season. Pack your stamina, practice your whining skills and prepare for the time of your life!




  • Seven days, six nights – Hilton Hotel Accommodation (includes buffet breakfast, in-room wi-fi and exclusive access to some MASX Hilton Hotel entertainment)

  • Airport transfer to and from the Hilton Hotel

  • Party bus transportation to and from each event

  • Premium MASX welcome package: t-shirt, flag, and lots of other cool merchandise

  • 24/7 concierge service

  • Security services (where applicable) 

  • Access to the best fetes and events of the Carnival season:

    • Friday February 12, 2021 – Canboulay (The history of Carnival comes alive in an explosion of colour and revelry) & MASX Hilton Hotel Terrace Lime

      • *Optional - Add to your Friday Xperience by choosing one of the following:

        • Karukera One Love Festival (All-Inclusive): additional $130 USD

        • Scorch Duck Work Pool & Cabana Party (Food and Drinks Inclusive): additional $80 USD

    • Saturday February 13, 2021 – Soca Brainwash (Food and Drinks Inclusive)

      • *Optional - Add to your Saturday Xperience by choosing one of the following:

        • Level 5: Estate 101 (Ultra Premium Food and Drinks Inclusive): additional $150 USD

        • National Panorama Finals (The Ultimate Steelpan Xperience): additional $60 USD

    • Sunday February 14, 2021 – Sightseeing Tour of Trinidad & BeachHouse (Premium Food and Drinks Inclusive) 

      • *Optional - Add to your Sunday Xperience by choosing one of the following:

        • Vale Breakfast Party (Premium Food and Drinks Inclusive): additional $150 USD

        • Soaka Street Festival: additional $100 USD for female and $100 USD for male

    • Monday February 15, 2021 – MAD J’ouvert (Monday morning street party) & Carnival Monday Spectator Pass (Both are Food and Drinks Inclusive).  Does not include costume: see “PLAY MAS XPERIENCE” add-on to purchase costume.

    • Tuesday February 16, 2021 - Carnival Tuesday Spectators Pass (Food and Drinks Inclusive). Does not include costume: see “PLAY MAS XPERIENCE” add-on to purchase costume.

    • Wednesday February 17, 2021 – Cool-Down Lime at Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago (Flight, Drinks and Food Inclusive) & Bar Hopping on D’Avenue

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