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MASX Party - How Expensive is Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Really?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Time and time again, it is said that Trinidad & Tobago Carnival undoubtably gives you The Ultimate Xperience of a lifetime. It's one that you will never ever forget and one that your wallet will not soon forget either.

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival: Breaking Down the Costs 

Before you start planning your trip to Trinidad & Tobago, for Carnival, you should be aware that it is definitely not going to be smooth sailing for a traveler on a budget. The prices depend on a great variety of factors, including but definitely not limited to: where you are going to stay and for how long; whether you are planning to Play Mas or not; transportation to and from events/fetes; which fetes and concerts you’d like to attend; and the list goes on and on. 

MASX would like to breakdown all the possible expenses that you will face while experiencing "The Greatest Show On Earth".


Generally speaking, accommodations at a hotel in Port of Spain during Carnival time can be as expensive as $800 USD per night. You could save some money by sharing a hotel room or staying at an Airbnb/hotel outside of Port of Spain. However, if you choose to stay outside Port of Spain, you are risking spending most of your Carnival experience stuck in many hours of traffic.

On top of the cost, finding proper accommodations for the Carnival season becomes even more difficult due to lack of available spaces to stay. Many people book their hotels a year in advance.  

Mas Costumes:

The average price of a female frontline costume is $1200 USD, while a backline costume can cost you around $1000 USD. As for male Mas costumes, the price is around $800 USD. You should also have something planned for Monday Wear, since many Mas bands do not provide it. Last but not least, ladies, you can’t forget about all the makeup, hair and glitter you will need to look your absolute best!

You should keep in mind that the price includes much more than just the costume itself. It also includes breakfast and lunch, security, mobile restrooms, unlimited premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, on-site paramedics, goodie bags with Carnival essentials and DJ Entertainment. Some bands even provide shoes, makeup stations, masseurs, photographers, videographers, access to afterparties and more.

Will you save money if you don’t play mas? Of course. Will you regret missing The Ultimate Xperience of a lifetime? Absolutely, 100%, most certainly, YES!


We don’t want to disappoint you, but transportation during Carnival season in Trinidad can also be both costly and extremely difficult to find. All the drivers might be already booked or too busy enjoying Carnival themselves. Even if you manage to find a driver, a one-way ride from your hotel to a fete can be as expensive as $50 USD one-way. Ridiculous, right?

Oh, did we also mention that there is no such thing as Uber or Lyft?


There are 3 main types of fetes: All-Inclusive, Drinks-Inclusive and Cooler fetes. Each type of fete usually includes live performances from your favourite DJs and/or Soca Stars.

All-Inclusive fetes are the most in-demand fetes during the Carnival season! At these kinds of fetes, you have access to a big variety of unlimited premium food and drinks. This truly unforgettable experience can easily cost you around anywhere from $120 USD to $525 USD.

Drinks-Inclusive fetes will get you access to unlimited drinks. The cost of these fetes is around $75 USD to $200 USD.

Cooler fetes mean bringing your own cooler with drinks. The prices of such fetes are approximately $45 USD to $100 USD not to mention the cost of having to purchase a cooler and drinks of your liking.  

Other Expenses:

Let’s be honest, you will most likely face some additional prices for other services and activities such as sightseeing tours, maybe a day trip to the sister island of Tobago, food and drinks outside fetes, souvenir shopping, a cell phone SIM card, and so on.

To put it in a nutshell: yes, Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is VERY expensive and is not something that everybody can afford. Both locals and foreigners usually start saving as early as one year in advance.

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES! They say, “You haven’t had a genuine party experience if you’ve never been to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival”, and it is exactly this reason why Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is known as "The Greatest Show on Earth"!  

With our Premium All-Inclusive Carnival Packages, MASX is here to help you save money and also to help you avoid the stress of planning your trip to the Home of Carnival . Our packages are inclusive of fete tickets, ground transportation, hotel accommodations (at no other than the Hilton hotel), airport transfer, 24/7 concierge service, security services (where applicable), costume pick up, hair and makeup for Carnival Tuesday and much, much more. For more information about the reason to choose MASX as your Carnival concierge company, please visit our article “Why should you pick MASX as your Carnival Concierge for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival?”

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