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Is The Greatest Show On Earth Still Happening in 2021?

The global pandemic of COVID-19 shocked the world right after Trinidad & Tobago Carnival ended in February 2020. The very first case of COVID-19 in Trinidad was discovered on March 13th of the same year, which led to lockdown of the whole country. Most of the major world events planned for 2020, including all Caribbean Carnivals, were cancelled to great disappointment of Soca-lovers all around the world. 

So, should we even hope that Trinidad & Tobago Carnival will happen in February 2021? 

A few weeks ago, Oxford University published research on the virus transmission, testing and isolation policies in a list of countries, accessing their ability to manage the risk of further spread of the deadly virus. According to this research, Trinidad & Tobago was ranked #1 as the  most prepared country to relax restrictions associated with COVID-19, followed by Croatia, Hong Kong and Iceland.  

Check out the Oxford University study below:

T&T ranked 2nd - Lockdown-rollback-check
Download • 483KB

Despite this very promising news, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Health - Terrence Deyalsingh is definitely not in a rush to relax COVID-19 restrictions. While it is still too early to say whether Carnival is happening in 2021 or not, the MASX team is constantly monitoring the news and we will make sure to update our clients as soon as this information becomes available. 

Despite being an international entertainment company with a focus on spreading Caribbean music and culture around the world, MASX is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our customers and all people in general. This should always remain the world’s top priority. We are encouraging everyone to avoid crowded areas, close contact with people, and wash your hands frequently! 

Let’s keep doing our part in hopes that we may be able to enjoy “The Greatest Show On Earth” in 2021! 

Together We Aspire, Together we Achieve!

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